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AI That Does the Busy Work,
So You Don’t Have To

Mia (My intelligent assistant) is the next Gen AI Intelligent assistant that truly unlocks the potential of your workforce.

Enhance Your Business Operations with Mia

Mia is designed to streamline your business operations, improve efficiency, and customer satisfaction. It's the intelligent assistant that is context aware, empowers you to make data-driven decisions while taking on tasks and last mile interactions in a safe and secure manner!

Integration Support

Mia integrates with cloud and on-prem systems to learn context and enable outcomes.  

Bespoke Experiences

Mia understands roles and the functions performed within these roles so as to provide your customers and your employees a tailored experience.

Turbocharge your day

Mia is your reliable partner in taking on common business tasks and functions, allowing you to focus on what matters most. With her expertise and efficiency, you can trust that your day will be more productive. Let Mia handle the details so you can achieve your goals with ease.

Safety and Security

Mia is powered by AiApplied's proprietary 3DS technology. 3DS is a 3 dimensional safety system that helps protects you from many LLM threats.

Mia Personas


Customer Support  Rep.

- Multilingual Comms

- Order Management

- Account Management

- Feedback Collection

- Query Handling 


Business Dev. Rep.

- Lead Generation

- Prospecting 

- Query Handling


Collections Agent

Debt Collection

- Record Keeping

- Reporting


Underwriter Assistant

Application Review

- Risk Assessment

- Compliance

- Documentation

- Multilingual Comms


Executive Assistant

Calendar Management

- Communication 

- Reporting

- Administrative Support

Transform Your Business with Mia

Discover how MiA can revolutionize your business operations and drive unprecedented growth. Book a demo to experience the power of Mia

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